Test your OKR knowledge.

Find out how well you know the Objectives and Key Results goal setting framework.

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What is the purpose of implementing OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) in the organization?
What is the difference between OKR methodology and project management (PM)?
Between OKR and KPI, which approach is more effective?
How would you explain what the OKR method is in one sentence?
Who should be developing OKRs in an organization?
How would you define what a Key Result is in one sentence?
Which of the answers qualifies as a "measurable outcome" to the Objective: Improve the efficiency of our email marketing campaigns?
What could be a good Key Result to an Objective: Improve our sales process to close more deals?
What is the best practice for how often should you measure progress toward Key Results?
What is NOT needed to launch the OKR process in an organization?